Professional Coaching in Management and Leadership

We believe our bespoke business coaching courses are the best management courses available in the UK.

Typically, all development starts with each cohort, or team member receiving 360° Feedback (Sample) to identify their individual development needs. (Read more about 360°Feedback)

We then provide a series of tailored, one on one, bite sized, 90 minute development sessions over several weeks. We call these highly effective coaching sessions, ‘Coach-Consulting’:

  • Tailored to the individual’s personal and professional needs
  • A mix of coaching, training, advice and guidance
  • Designed to develop and support management and leadership teams, individual by individual

Once the coach-consulting is complete, we often provide further development for the collective team. This ranges from helping the group design organisational strategy or culture, to facilitation of higher team performance.

Better than attending Training Courses or Pure leadership /management coaching

We tailor these bite sized 90 minute sessions to YOUR needs with a mix of training, coaching, advice and guidance. This provides easily digested learning, and real confidence growth for the executive. It’s an efficient alternative to traditional time wasting, one-size-fits-all, training days.

We work on the areas that will have the most impact for you and your organisation.

The bespoke individual sessions provide:

  • A more relaxed and confidential environment, conducive to quick learning and growth
  • Time out – a chance to reflect and explore thoughts and ideas with their Coach-Consultant.
  • Confidence to executives in both new and existing (maybe unidentified) areas of leadership and management.
  • Opportunities to implement the learning and explore new approaches and skills with the benefit of one on one support.

After each session, managers will be motivated to implement what has been learnt, as well as adopt new behaviours.

Leadership and management isn’t a one size fits all!  We call this new form of management and leadership development ‘Coach-Consulting’. With an individual focus, there’s less wasted time going over unnecessary points and the pace can be adjusted to suit the individual.

We work with individuals on the areas that will have the most impact for them and your organisation.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Coach-Consulting

Who are the one on one sessions with?

A Coach-Consultant, either Lisa Capaldi or Jim Hicks.

If your project involves more than 30 people, we bring in one or more of our qualified associates as well. We are all qualified in a number of areas including executive and leadership/business coaching as well as training.   In addition, we all have management and leadership experience in business.

How do you get buy-in from those who are sceptical?

We have a number of templates that you can use and information about the whole process that helps people come on board. Please get in touch so that we can explain this more fully.

What does Coach-Consultancy cost?

Costs depend on how many managers or leaders are put forward. We invoice a daily fee, which is optimised at multiples of three because one Coach-Consultant can run sessions for three people in one day. Therefore it’s most cost effective to have at least three people taking part, with multiples of three, over and above that.

Do you design bespoke 360 Feedback for my sector?

Yes, we can design a specific 360 Feedback for your needs. We also have a number of management and leadership 360s that are specific to manager and leader roles in a number of different private and public sector organisations. These include Insurance, Law, Education, IT and Media.

What if the manager/leader doesn’t like the Coach-Consultant assigned to work with them, one on one?

We talk through suitability at the beginning of a project and in the rare event that someone would prefer another Coach-Consultant, they can swap with another person on the programme.

Can the Coach-Consultancy sessions be held at an external venue?

Yes, of course. We can arrange this for you at cost, or you can arrange this yourself.

How quickly will new actions be implemented?

Following every one on one session.

How long after one on one development sessions will results be seen?

In most cases, the impact is immediate and certainly within three sessions.

Will Coach-Consultancy sessions interfere with day to day work?

No – each session takes less than 90 minutes.

What can you do for Teams?

We help dysfunctional teams become functional, and functional ones to become high performing.

We can facilitate strategy and culture days, as well as team building sessions. We have many psychometrics available to help teams understand their dynamics and where their strengths and opportunities lie. We can then help you build on those. (See more detail)

Can my executives trust the confidentiality of Purely People?

We are often asked if the same Coach-Consultant can work with members of the same team or a boss/ direct report relationship. The answer is yes – this is common and we’re used to it. Sessions remain confidential and are focused on the individual. Coach-Consultants never disclose anything said by other team members.

Can the same development needs be covered across a whole team?

Yes, the entire team may share an overall common development need, for example everyone in a team may need to become more strategic.   However, the coaching will always be one on one – we don’t do group coaching or group coach-consulting sessions.

Can you provide fixed ‘standard’ programmes?

Yes, our New Manager/Leader programmes cover common development needs across a series of coach-consulting sessions. This is useful when someone has been promoted into a new role and the gaps in their experience/learning need attention, or when they need tactical support at the start of a new appointment.

Lisa and Jim

Purely People UK Limited provide a professional service with strong expertise in Management and Leadership development.

Purely People is led by Lisa Capaldi and Jim Hicks and their Associates.


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