We provide the following psychometrics:-

  • 360 feedback (Various editions)
  • PRISM Brain Mapping
  • PRISM – Job Benchmarking
  • Orpheus Work Personality Questionnaire
  • Sales Suitability Report – Managerial and Professional
  • Giotto Integrity Questionnaire
  • Golden Personality Type Profiler
  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) with Potential Report
  • OPQ32R
  • Talent Q Dimensions (All reports)
  • Talent Q Dimensions (Narrative, Trait, Team Report)
  • Talent Q Dimensions (Team Report)
  • Talent Q Dimensions (Trait and Narrative Report)
  • Talent Q Dimensions (Trait, Narrative and Potential Report)
  • Talent Q Dimensions (Trait, Narrative, Derailer Report)
  • Intrinsic – Development Report
  • Intrinsic – Selection Report
  • SHL MQ with Motivational Profile
Lisa and Jim

Purely People UK Limited provide a professional service with strong expertise in Management and Leadership development.

Purely People is led by Lisa Capaldi and Jim Hicks and their Associates.


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