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Tailored Sessions for New Leaders and Managers

These coach-consulting sessions are one on one and tailored to an individual’s specific personal and professional needs.  We tailor these sessions for new leaders and managers.

Since these development sessions are one on one, on your premises, they are highly effective and an efficient use of time.

We also work with managers making the transition into leadership.

New Managers

Someone new to management may need to be ‘fast tracked’ in order to step up to the challenges of a new management role. Although they may have had some experience of people management as supervisors, we help then gain effective management skills.

Unlike many management training courses, we strive to understand a person’s previous experience, skills and attitudes, before training them.

We develop teams/cohorts by providing all in one, coach-consulting sessions; a mix of coaching, training, advice and guidance to develop and support new managers.

Transition from Manager to Leader

The transition from manager to leader often requires new approaches and thinking, different skills and behaviours.

Those new to leadership often need to step up and into a role that requires the confidence, behaviours and skills to make decisions in rapidly changing environments.

Effective leadership often requires the support, help and guidance we provide.

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Lisa and Jim

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