What is 360 Degree Feedback and how does it work?

360° Feedback is designed to provide a manager or leader with greater self-awareness in the areas most relevant to their role.

360° Feedback projects are usually conducted with a number of people in your organisation at the same time – for example an entire team or a cohort of new managers and leaders in your company.

The 360° Feedback system uses a confidential online questionnaire, completed by the employee, their line manager, peers and direct reports. Each employee sees clearly how other people view their performance at work. They can also contrast their colleagues’ anonymous ratings with their self-assessment. This is an incredibly valuable first step towards changing their behaviours.

The 360° Feedback questionnaire is based on 10 core competencies vital to successful management and leadership.  For example, a competency like ‘communication’ is important in management and leadership and the 360° Feedback enables the individual to see how they are perceived in that area.

A 360 Degree Feedback review is a snapshot in time, detailing where they are now in their management and leadership and where there are opportunities for development and growth.  It’s should always be about development – an appraisal from which to learn and develop, not a test or definitive judgement.

The 360° Questionnaire

There are roughly 60 questions to answer, associated with best practice across management and leadership.  The number of questions varies depending on the role and the type of evaluation.

The employee being rated provides a rating (score from 1 -5). His or her colleagues do the same, and may provide comments to support some of the ratings, if they wish.

Completing the questionnaire takes about half an hour, and everyone has up to three weeks to go online at a convenient time to complete it.

We take care of the whole 360° Feedback process for you, including making sure everyone completes it on time.

The 360° Feedback Report

We collate all the feedback and present a summary to the employee, in the form of a 360° Feedback Report (Sample). The employee won’t ever see their colleagues’ individual ratings of their performance, but they will see the ratings from their line manager.

The employee sees an average rating for each question under the headings of ‘Self’ (the rating they gave themselves), ‘Line Manager’, ‘Peers’ and ‘Direct Reports’.

The report is not shared with those who have given the feedback, although it is likely that the line manager/HR Business Partner will receive a copy to support development.

We take them through their report to help them understand its relevance, their strengths and their performance development opportunities at this time.

During these reviews, we can help them produce their own development plan, if you wish. This can usefully form the basis of further discussions with their line manager and/or HR Business Partner.

If appropriate we can also produce reports to help identify development themes across a whole team or cohort.

What Happens Next?

Our coach-consulting then proceeds with the employees one on one sessions with us, focusing on the the agreed development plan.

We recommend a second 360° Assessment, 12 – 18 months on, to enable each person to see the growth in their development and to continue their management and leadership journey.


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