Mindfulness for Managers and Leaders

According to the latest Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Study, UK employers are failing to adequately invest in the health and well-being of their employees and is costing the UK economy £57 billion a year in lost productivity.

We have designed a one day mindfulness workshop specifically for Managers/Leaders. We take them through the latest techniques for reducing stress levels and enable them to develop a complete inner and outer control of the mind and body.

This workshop enables individuals to be relaxed, stress free and focused in all areas of their life.

They will learn how to:

  • Helpfully manage anxieties
  • Positively visualise
  • Change negative or unhelpful thinking
  • Change their state (both mentally and physically)
  • Control their breathing

This workshop is delivered by a certified NLP Master Practitioner and a Certified Teacher of the Art of Finding Stillness and Calm Relaxation and Daily Awareness Techniques (trained and accredited by Ven. Lama Ngedon Drime).

There is no need for any special clothing or equipment for this workshop other than being seated in a comfortable chair.  The workshop is for up to 6 Managers/Leaders and runs from 10am until 4pm, at your place of work.

Lisa and Jim

Purely People UK Limited provide a professional service with strong expertise in Management and Leadership development.

Purely People is led by Lisa Capaldi and Jim Hicks and their Associates.


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