Mind Over Menopause!

We are delivering a brand-new interactive workshop for women working in management and leadership who want to discover ways to self-manage and benefit from this chapter in our lives known as the menopause.

I have just delivered it at the University of Birmingham and had some great feedback.

In summary:

The session is 3 hours long for 10 attendees at a time.

It is written and delivered by me, Lisa Capaldi a Trainer and Coach in Leadership, who has researched and developed techniques that are core to helping with this area in our lives.

Benefits include:

  • Greater understanding
  • Supportive techniques
  • Pushing perceived vulnerabilities associated with this period in our lives behind us
  • Greater confidence
  • Self-permission
  • Continued success in our roles

Email me enquiry@purelypeople.com if you’d like to know more.

Mind Over Menopause - Workshop for Leaders and Managers