360° Feedback and One-On-One Manager To Leader Sessions (M2LS)

What we provide:

We provide coaching, training, advice and guidance to enhance, develop and support the transition from being an Operational Manager to a Strategic Leader. All of this in one-on-one, individual sessions that are tailored to the specific areas of personal and professional needs.

The transition from Manager to Leader often requires new approaches, new thinking, different skills, behaviours and mind-set.

How it works:

Typically, it starts with you having a 360° Feedback (SAMPLE) to identify your current individual development needs within the context of the best practices and behaviours associated with Leading and Managing organisations today.

We then provide a series of bespoke and tailored one-on-one, 90 minute Manager to Leader Sessions (M2LS) with you, over a number of weeks.

Why it is better than attending training courses?

Because, we tailor these 90 minute sessions to your needs. They can have a mix of training, coaching, advice, support and guidance to allow for bite-sized learning and growth. Sessions often provide the opportunities to implement the learning and explore new approaches and skills with the benefit of one-on-one support. These sessions give real confidence to you in both new (maybe unidentified) and existing areas of your Leadership. These sessions are the alternative to the high wastage that occurs when attending training day modules. Leadership and Management isn’t a one size fits all!

We work with you on the areas that you need and that will have the most impact for you as a Leader in your organisation. As the sessions are bespoke and one-on-one, it allows for a more relaxed and confidential environment, which is most conducive to quick and efficient learning and growth. We are experts in providing what is needed for an individual’s growth in Leadership. After each session, you will be motivated to implement what has been learnt, as well as instigate new actions, embed new behaviours and ways forward in your role.

What does it cost?

We conduct sessions with a number of people (separately) at your offices in one day, thus enabling an economical daily charge fee model for the 360° Feedback (SAMPLE) and the one-on-one development sessions. The sessions then run every 2 – 3 weeks, with each individual typically having a series of 3 – 5 sessions scheduled, depending on agreed needs at the outset.

Is it for me and my company?

Yes!  We help the growth of Managers and Leaders with every type of organisation and every type of discipline, whatever their size. Currently, we are working with the likes of ITN (established and medium in size), the Senior Leadership Team at Stockton Riverside HE and FE College, Gleam Futures (smaller in size and a fairly new start-up, yet rapidly growing), Markel and TfL. Our wide range of client experience covers the private and public sector, including a variety of areas of work from media and technology through to education. We undertake small-scale projects or larger ones. We are fully qualified coaches; 360° Psychology accredited, established trainers and understand the demands of business and leadership having come from challenging Management and Leadership roles ourselves.