One-to-one coach consulting.

This new form of Management and Leadership Development is known as ‘Coach-Consulting’?

These ‘Coach-Consulting’ sessions are one-on-one, individual sessions that are tailored to the specific areas of personal and professional needs. A mix of coaching, training, advice and guidance all-in-one. Designed to enhance, develop and support Management and Leadership teams, at the individual level.

Better than attending Training Courses or Pure Leadership /Management coaching

We tailor these 90 minute sessions to the INDIVIDUAL’s specific needs with a mix of training, coaching, advice and guidance. This is bite-sized learning and real confidence growth at a personal level. These sessions are the alternative to the high wastage that occurs when attending training day modules.

We work with individuals on the areas that they need and that will have the most impact for them and your organisation.  As the sessions are bespoke and one-on-one, it allows for a more relaxed and confidential environment, which is most conducive to quick and efficient learning and growth.

We are experts in providing all that is needed for an individual’s growth in Leadership and Management. After each session, they will be motivated to implement what has been learnt, as well as instigate new actions, behaviours and ways forward in their role.

For the established Leaders, sessions often provide the added benefit of ‘time out’ to allow for headspace – that chance to reflect and to explore thoughts and ideas with their Coach-Consultant. These sessions give real confidence to individuals in both new and existing areas of Leadership and Management.

Sessions also provide opportunities to implement the learning and explore new approaches and skills with the benefit of one-on-one support.

Once the coach-consulting series is complete at the individual level, we often provide next step development needs for the collective team. This ranges from designing organisational strategy or culture with the group, to facilitation for higher team performance.

Leadership and Management isn’t a one size fits all!

Lisa and Jim

Purely People UK Limited provide a professional service with strong expertise in Management and Leadership development.

Purely People is led by Lisa Capaldi and Jim Hicks and their Associates.


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