Typically, all development for cohorts/teams, starts with each individual having a 360° Feedback (SAMPLE) to identify their individual development needs within the context of the best practices and behaviours associated with Leading and Managing organisations today. We then provide a series of tailored one-on-one, 90 minute development sessions with them over a number of weeks.

This programme of 90 minute, personalised, one-on-one Leadership/Management development sessions for individuals in cohorts/teams, contains a mix of Coaching, Training, Advice and Guidance – all-in-one. These are known as ‘Coach-Consulting’ sessions.


  • No need to leave the office and find time to attend timely and costly training courses that have content wastage.
  • This is the new form of Management/Leadership development and it is totally tailored to your needs and your organisation.
  • Developing Management and Leadership skills for the demands of 2017 is now more convenient and speedy.
  • We provide one-on-one, cost effective, time efficient, 90 minute sessions with each member of your cohort/team.
  • Each team member has their very own dedicated and qualified Leadership/Management Partner who is wholly focused on their individual needs.
  • Ongoing sessions support and aid the implementation (unlike training).


  • Increased Self-Awareness
  • Immediate Improvements in Performance
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Real, actionable implementation of learnings after each session
  • Stronger Management/Leadership Skills
  • New Management/Leadership Skills
  • New Management/Leadership Behaviours
  • Clearer Understanding of Priorities in Managing or Leading
  • Increased Motivation for Individuals and their Direct Reports
  • Increased Confidence